Well today started a bit funny😁.

I had decided to have a bit of a lie in and so was surprised when I got a phone call from the radiotherapy department at UCLH asking me if I was coming in for my Radiotherapy. It turned out Dr Davda had booked me in for 5 sessions of radiotherapy to try and ease the pain I have been getting in my back.

I said I would be in as soon as I could.

At about 10am Dr Davda phoned me and explained that she had booked me in and had meant to let me know but hadn’t got round to it.

Anyway, after walking Teddy and getting ready Barbara and I set off for London, first a taxi to the station and then a train to Tottenham Hale where we caught the Tube to Warren Street.

Overall a simple journey albeit not one I had been expecting to be doing.

We made our way to the radiotherapy department which is in the basement of the main building and was asked to take a seat.

As it was my first radiotherapy treatment at UCLH I had to have a scan. As I had previously had radiotherapy on my back I already had a tattoo in the centre of my chest which they could use to line me up.

Once the scan was complete I was then back in the queue for radiotherapy.

The radiotherapy itself only took a few minutes on a very smart looking machine.

Once the treatment was done I was booked in for the following day.

Chemo 1

Today I had my first Chemotherapy Treatment and it did not go as well as could be expected.

I arrived promptly at 9am at the Williams Day Unit. And made my way to the treatment room where I was passed to Lucy who would be the nurse who would be carrying out the treatment.

At this point Barbara and I had know idea what to expect really but we were met by a friendly face and I was weighed.

I was then taken to a chair.

Before no time I had a cannula in my hand and had a wash and some piriton admisteted through a drip.

All was going well until it was time for the Chemotherapy drug, a bag of liquid specially made for me.

The bag was hooked up to the stand and connected to the cannula. I watched as the liquid travelled down the tube and into my hand. Almost immediately I felt my chest tighten and my head felt like it was being squeezed. Barbara said my face went bright red.

I said to her that it didn’t feel right and she called a nurse over who immediately stopped the treatment and got Lucy my nurse.

They administered a flush through the cannula and checked my vitdl.

I was starting to feel better but could feel my heart racing. I was expecting side effects from the Chemotherapy but not this.

Things calmed down and eventually I was checked over by a doctor who prescribed more Piriton.

After more Piriton was administer the chemo treatment was restarted.

This time things went a lot better and I didn’t get a reaction. The treatment was also admisteted at a slower rate.

I was later told that I had gone into a form of anaphylactic shock.

So after about 4 hours the treatment was finally complete, I was expecting it to be 90 minutes.

I thanked Lucy for looking after me and headed home.

I felt exhausted and felt like I had been beaten up from the treatment.

All I had to do now was wait for my hair to full out!

A simple fall…

Just back from holiday in Devon.

For the most part it was great fun with lots of lovely walks along the coast and beaches. Teddy loves the beaches so much.

While taking Teddy for his morning walk one morning I slipped and fell, not a serious fall and it not not hurt much at the time, more a case of embarrassment at slipping.

However as the week went on the pain in my right thigh got worse and worse till I could hardly walk. I even visited the minor injuries unit in ???? and they could not find anything wrong although I could not lift my leg.

As I write this retrospectively I think it was the cancer in my leg that was causing the problem and the pain.

Once I got back home, a long and uncomfortable drive. I went to the Herts and Essex Minor Injouries Unit who again could not find the cause but gave me a splint and prescribed rest which I did.

Finally I got better and am now fully active although I take great care when I am doing things.

It all changes…..

While on holiday in the South of France I began to realise that I was going to the toilet a lot during the night.

I had been getting up in the night for a number of months maybe even a year but it was while I was on holiday and had time to think that I realised something was not right.

I decided to look into what mean be causing this night time activity when I got back.