It’s My Birthday

Today is my birthday day and I have reached the Milestone of 60, who would have thought I would be 60, perhaps I need to start growing up 🤔😉.

What is a shame is that it may well be memorable for all the wrong reasons, what with Corona Virus casting it’s shadow over us.

That said Barbara and my family did an amazing job of making the day special.

Barbara had organised a teasure hunt with cryptic clues to where my presents were.

In the afternoon friends and family popped round to sing happy birthday and we sat on either side of the road eating cake.

Birthday Social Distancing
Eating cake at the front door.

And my car had been ballooned!

I got some great presents and this was made by a talented friend.

Everyone had put a lot of thought into the day and so I did have a memorable day for all the right reasons 😁. And I thank them all from the bottom of my heart ❤.

NHS outpatients service ‘stuck in the 18th Century’ – BBC News

An interesting article here about Outpatient Appointments and the antiquated systems in use to manage them and while this doesn’t mean that there will be an immediate change it at least means that it is recognised and something may happen.

I for one would be happy if some of my outpatients appointments were done as a video call, how about you?

I would also like to see reform of how scans and tests are done and why they cannot be done locally to the patients as opposed to travelling longer distances to a hospital.