The Enkel Arms

Ok, I can hear you saying what has a pub got to do with Prostate Cancer?

Well… the blog is called and this fits very much into the beyond bit.  And The Enkel Arms is a place I sometimes pass on my way back from UCLH.

But my connection to The Enkel Arms goes back much further than recent trips to UCLH!

When I was a lad and still at school I used to work on a Fish Stall selling all kinds of fresh fish and the stall was outside The Enkel Arms on a Saturday and Sunday.

This was just before I joined the Army at sixteen although I worked on the stall for four or five years.  So I probably started there when I was 11 or 12 and we are talking 1971/2 until 1976.

Labour laws were very different then and many stalls had kids working on them to help out and get some extra pocket money.  In fact I had been working on stalls and in markets from a much younger age.  Where we lived in Walthamstow had a mile long market and so there were loads of jobs for kids to do and somehow I ended up on the Fish Stall.

The owner or stall holder/fishmonger was a guy called Bob and he was really a great guy.  He taught me a good work ethic that set me up well for later life.  He also paid well and provided other treats like McDonald’s for lunch, this was the seventies and McDonald’s was new to the UK so very much a treat.

And of course there was always some fish to take home although my mother never knew what to do with things like squid and octopus and some of the exotic fish that I brought home!

Bob once said that he would set me up with my own fish stall once I was older but I was was intent on joining the army and so went down that path. I do sometimes wonder if I would have made a good fishmonger 🤔.

And so that is my connection to The Enkel Arms and seeing it again has brought back so many memories of those days that I had forgotten about.

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