Back in Hospital

Well it would seem that I am in a bitter cycle of infection, hospital, home and then infection.

So am I back in hospital having been admitted on Friday afternoon. Numerous tests have been done and last night I had a blood transfusion which has helped.

This is my 4th visit since October.

The infections are debilitating in themselves with a great deal of pain and fatigue.

Once they start treating I do begin to feel better but wish there was a permanent solution and I cannot stay on antibiotics.

Fingers crossed I can break this cycle.

2 thoughts on “Back in Hospital”

  1. Phillip, thanks for the update…I’m sorry to hear all of this. I hope they can figure what is causing the infections and find a solution.

    Here in Minnesota we have hit the dead of winter, today’s high was -13 C. I was hoping to take my son out ice fishing, but that’s just too cold for me. Tonight will be the coldest night of the winter…-28 C…I have to park my car in the garage (it is heated) otherwise my car will not start in the morning.

    I hope you get well soon…thanks for the update.


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