Monday Update

Well, the weekend has been and gone and following on from my Radium 223 treatment on Friday I just thought that I would write a quick update to let you all know that I am feeling pretty good.

I was very tired last night and was struggling to stay awake although that may also be that I had a fairly full weekend with a wedding on Saturday and a trip to the garden centre on Sunday. 

The Garden Centre was ready for Christmas!

OK I confess I probably over did it a bit.

But for the most part I am feeling pretty good, my knees did feel quite painful last night while I was in bed, and I had to take some paracetamol to ease the pain and discomfort and to help me sleep. 

I am putting this down to the Radium rather than walking to much as I have walked more in recent times.

My bowels are not stable but they haven’t really been stable since I have been out of hospital so I cannot blame this on the Radium, one of the side effects of Radium can be diahorrea but I wouldn’t describe it as that and hopefully as time passes then the risk of diahorrea gets less and less.

I have fine tuned my toilet activity to prevent any spillages or mishaps and then having to have a major clean up because of the radiation.  Basically, everything is done sitting down with time allowed for drainage.  Seems to be working so far and again as time passes and the radiation passes from my body this will become less of an issue although it will probably become my ‘new normal’ as I will be on Radium for the next six to nine months.

I never know whether no side effects is a good thing or not, I just hope the Radium is doing what it should be doing and we see a positive result when I next go for an Outpatients Appointment.

For now I am very happy with how things are going 🙂

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