Chemo (Carboplatin 1) 23rd July 2021

Well the big day has arrived and I am back at UCLH for the start of a new chemotherapy treatment for me, Carboplatin.

But before I go into that I thought I would just recap on my treatments so far, once again starting with chemotherapy.

Having been diagnosed in Nov 2016 I was quickly started on Hormone Therapy followed by…

Jan 2017 6 x Docetaxel

Dec 2017 Enzalutamide

July 2018 Immunotherapy Trial

Jan 2019 Cabazitaxel x 4

Aug 19 Lutetium x 8

And while these are the main treatments I have also had various parts of my body zapped with radiation including my spine, shoulder and sternum.

So overall it has been a bit of a rollercoaster of different treatments and emotions as I start each one and then come to the end of treatment or it is stopped because it was not working as was the case with Immunotherapy, Enzalutamide and Cabazitaxel.

And so given that the Lutetium also stopped working I have great hopes for Carboplatin although I  also have a great deal of apprehension but with all these things you have to go into it with a great deal of faith and hope and a positive attitude.

I do think that my positive attitude has really helped get me through a lot of this and while it is hard and some mornings I have to look in the mirror and force myself to smile, I do think it works.  The mind can do wonders and help keep you strong.

I have also done as much as possible to stay ‘fighting fit’ and am currently doing a virtual walk along Route 66 but that’s a story for another day.

So the big day arrived and I was a little late for my appointment due to traffic delays.  And guess what, my blood pressure was a little high, so a few moments of relaxing and breathing and I was retested and it was fine.  I am always amazed at how blood pressure can fluctuate and change so quickly.

Checks done and I was met by the nurse who would be looking after me and he was someone who had looked after me before and we both recognised each other.

He got me seated in the chair which would be mine for the next hour or so while the treatment was administered.

Then quickly and efficiently, he fitted a cannula and got me hooked up to a drip, I would be having fluids with extra steroids and  other things prior to the Carboplatin going in.

The nurse also organised a sandwich for me which I was ready for by this time and I think helped fortify me for the coming treatment.  I order a chicken sandwich and vanilla ice cream, yum!


And before I knew it the Carboplatin was flowing down the tube and into my arm, no reaction from me so all good!

It only took about 30 minutes for the infusion and then I was done, the cannula was being removed, I closed my book and packed up ready to go.

I was feeling fine, although a little tired and was looking forward to getting home.  Only time would tell if I would get any side effects but for now I was feeling good!

One thought on “Chemo (Carboplatin 1) 23rd July 2021”

  1. Hi Philip I hope you are still feeling okay and that carboplatin does it’s stuff for you. Keep smiling (when you can), and be kind to yourself when sometimes you can’t!
    Hugs xxx


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