COVID Test 21 April 2021

Today is the start of a busy couple of days, I have Lutetium Treatment on Friday, a Post Therapy Scan and another Covid Test at UCLH on Monday and then Zoledronic Acid Treatment and an Oncology Consultation on Wednesday.

And prior to having Treatment on Friday I need to have a Covid Test and I have opted to go local as it saves a trip to London.

The Covid tests are very easy to book and I would say the only downside is you cannot book them in advance, I could only book for today, yesterday whereas for peace of mind I would have preferred to have had it booked a few days ago.

The test is done locally at a Testing Station that has been set up in one of the Car Parks in Stansted Airport, so very convenient.

So a five minute drive sees me arriving at the site and showing my barcode to the reception guy in the yellow Hi-Viz jacket, he waves me through and I follow the line of cones to the area where at least five testing points have been set up.

I have been here a number of times now and it has never been busy and so I was straight in.

I pulled up at the booth and another guy in Hi-Viz held up a card with a phone number for me to phone, I was of course in the car with all windows closed.

I called the number and was given instructions.

I then pulled forward to where I would do the test and a test kit was passed through my windows that I had opened an inch.

I read and instructions and noticed that I was missing the Absorbent Pad, I put on my four way flashes and another person in Hi-Viz came over, I explained my problem and I was provided with another Pad.

I then went on to complete the test, it is never pleasant sticking the swab down your throat or up your nose but I would think it is something that a lot of us are getting used to these days.

Another new normal!!

Anyway, test done, I made my way to the test drop off point and another Hi-Viz with a grabber took my test from me and I then headed home.

The remains of my test kit.

All I need to do is wait not for the results which I think should be all clear?

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