Bowel Cancer Test

I received a letter a few weeks ago telling me that as I was now over 60 😲, that I was eligible for Bowel Cancer Screening and that a kit would follow in the post.

And true to their words a screening kit arrived in the post. I opened and read the instructions which is basically a case of using a small scoop to scoop up some poo 💩 and then put it back in the bottle and then put it back in the post.

The Bowel Cancer Test Kit


The hard part is making sure that the poo does not go in the toilet bowl water. So when the time came I put some loo roll down the toilet sat down and carefully positioned myself.

And I am sure you can work out the rest and don’t need any pictures 😉.

Soon I was scooping up some poo and carefully putting it into the little bottle. This done I completed the immediate job at hand and then later in the day popped the sample into the post in it’s return package.

I believe I will get the results in a couple of weeks. I do wonder if it will pick up on my existing cancer although I believe the test looks for blood in the poo and if found further testing is done.

So now it us all waiting game while I wait for the results.

Fingers crossed 🤞.

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