34 plus days in lockdown

So I am currently on Day 34 of Lock-down, I think the actual Lock-down started 2 days before that but this is refers to the day (23rd March) I received the text saying that I had been classified as Extremely Vulnerable.  I did write a post about it which you can read here.

So since the 23rd of March I have been confined to the house with 2 exceptions and these are the two days that I went to London for my Lutetium treatment.

We have been so lucky to have friends and family close at hand and I want to say a big thank to all those people who are helping us out.  My sister in law and her husband have been doing the shopping for us including a main weekly shop and top ups and visit to the bakery at other times.   They are also keeping us supplied with home made cakes which are yummy.

Our neighbour’s have been helping with walking Teddy twice a day, we have a rota going so he gets out and about and plenty of exercise.  It is a good job he was used to going for walks with other people.

So these little events are the only interactions we really have with other people and the outside world and they are really special moments as we see other smiley faces and get to catch up on local news and gossip and what it’s like to go shopping in Tesco’s!  All minor details but oh so important to us.

When I found out I was going to be in isolation for 12 weeks I decided that I would stop shaving and grow a beard, a bit like Robinson Crusoe I suppose.  I have gone a month without shaving before but never for 3 months or longer.  The beard is coming along but after a quick start seems to have slowed down a bit, still plenty of time left.


Both Barbara and I are both in effect confined to the house as Barbara has to shield me from the virus she cannot go out either although she will go back to walking Teddy once she is well enough.

We get up at a reasonable time everyday, OK about 8 a.m. for a cup of tea. And then we have a daily routine of meals and people coming round to walk Teddy.

We then try and break our day into small chunks and do different things throughout the day, I feel it better to do lot’s of things for a short time than fewer things for a longer time. So time in the garden, time doing household things, times doing hobbies and so on.

We are both on light duties me for my back and Barbara following her op and so short activities stop us from getting too fatigued, in particular if we are doing things in the garden.

We are so lucky to have a garden and so lucky to have the glorious weather in which to enjoy the garden.  I had to give up my allotment due to my back and so have thrown myself full on, well mentally at least, into the garden where we have embarked on a transformation project to change the garden into a jungle themed garden.  We need to do things slowly and so they take a few days to do what might have taken the afternoon previously.  I have ordered some young plants to get us going and some seeds from which I hope to grow more, there are larger tropical plants out there but there are expensive and so starting small seems to be the way forward.  The garden probably won’t look like a jungle until next year but it will be worth waiting for.


We also break up our days by doing some more creative cooking, we have made a Pineapple Upside-down Cake and some Bread-pudding, we tend to share these with friends and family as a way of saying thank you, we also enjoy them as well and it add’s to the variety of the day.


I have also became expert in the use of Zoom video conferencing as we are now doing a number of quizzes.  We do one with our extended family who are mostly local but does include one from Australia who gets up in the middle of the night to take part.  And it includes a couple in Leeds.  It’s great fun with different people being quiz master each week.

We also organise a quiz for the village which similar to above and a great way of getting to know our neighbours better.

My list of hobbies has grown, I set myself a goal of improving my handwriting and have been writing letters to friends and family as a way of practicing my handwriting and it also keeps us all in touch and a letter from a friend is better than the normal bills and things that come through the post!

This has now developed into calligraphy as I got a set for my birthday.  And believe me it is harder than it looks but surprisingly relaxing as I concentrate on how to write the letters and use the different pens!

Physically and medically we are both fairly well, Barbara is on the mend with the wounds healing nicely, she still has some pain and it will take a few more weeks before she is back to normal.  I feel pretty good, my back is a lot better although I need to be very careful with what I do and I try and pace myself in the garden.  If something is heavy we need to look at ways to reduce the weight so we can move it more easily.

I think that keeping the mind busy helps and helps to keep the body well.

Lock-down is affecting us all and we will all be coping in different ways.  I hope you are all well and making the most of your time with each other.

4 thoughts on “34 plus days in lockdown”

  1. Wow you are both doing so well at managing to keep busy and occupied! I like the idea of doing different things for short periods of time – I tend to go in the garden and because there’s always so much to do don’t get back indoors for the rest of the day. Which sounds lovely but sometimes it’s exhausting and can make you fed up. So I’m going to take a lead out of your book and try to break things up a bit…thanks for the tip.
    Also, somewhat belatedly, I have also been given ‘extremely vulnerable’ status. I did wonder as my lungs & chest were very affected by my treatment, but because I didn’t hear anything I thought maybe it was deemed okay. Only got the letter on Friday so somewhat late – I have even been going to the supermarket!
    I’m going to have a think about how to proceed now, so again will be follow some of your tips and advice. Stay well 🤗 xxx

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    1. Well you not what us men are like and how quick we lose focus 😉
      Your garden always looks amazing and has so much variety in it, what will you do now the rain has set in?
      I wonder why it took so long to classify you, has it been a while since you have had any treatment? At least you are OK now and have hopefully avoided the virus. I do wonder when they will say we can go out as Extremely Vulnerable, they said 12 weeks initially but I can see you going on much longer than that. As I recall you can both work from home which is good, just need to start using that home delivery service 😉
      Keep well Px


    1. Thanks Peter, going for the full on beard at the moment but might try and style it in a few weeks, it is getting a bit straggly in places. I hope you are both well. We have been enjoying the garden in the sun but what to do now the rain has set in?? All the best x

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