A Sad Farewell

Yesterday we said farewell to my mother in law, Sheila Prior, it was sad day and in many ways different due to the Corona Virus restrictions.

I am classified as Extremely Vulnerable and as such confined to the house, but we really wanted to be at the graveside to say our farewells.

So we arranged it so we could stay in the car during the service to reduce the risk of picking up the virus.

The team at the cemetery were very good and helped us get the car very close to the graveside and with a phone call we were connected to the service.


The service was only attended by immediate members of the family due to the restrictions and even then people kept their distance.


One of the things that was missed was the close contact that is needed as part of the grieving and consoling process, the ability to hug and comfort each other on these occasions.

Sheila’s granddaughter’s played key roles with one reading a poem and the other singer her favourite song, “Send In The Clowns”.  Both were poignant occasions.

  We were pleased that we were able to attend and say our farewells and later in the year we will have a memorial service which more people will be able to attend and be more of a celebration of her life.


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