Lutetium Treatment No5 2nd Attempt.

Well here I am again back at the London Clinic for treatment Number 5 of Lutetium which is of course the second attempt after the quality control issues of last time.

Like last time I’m I got a car into London to reduce the risk of picking up the virus on the train and the tube. And once again the journey only took about an hour as the roads were pretty clear although there did seem to be a larger volume of traffic on the roads.

I arrived at the clinic and visited the hand sanitation unit and then checked in. And then as a matter of priority I got myself a coffee.


Soon I was in my room had a cannula fitted and blood taken. I found out that the treatment was going to be early and things would be done at slightly quicker pace than normal to reduce my time at the hospital.


So come 11 o,clock I was being injected with the Lutetium and placed behind the radioactive screens.  Where they normally keep me for a number of hours to review the radiation Decay they are going to let me go as soon as possible and so I should be leaving the clinic at about 1 p.m.


And I am pleased to say that everything went to plan and I was home by 2 pm.  

As well as being socially isolated Barbara and I, and Teddy, need to stay 2 metres apart for the next 5 days so that they do not get exposed to the radiation.  So it’s separate bedrooms and sitting at either end of the sofa.

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