Update on Barbara

And so I thought I would provide a short update on Barbara’s progress, if you recall all she was recently diagnosed with lobular breast cancer and then she had a lumpectomy on the 26th of March.

The lumpectomy went well although it was a very long day and she was at the hospital at 7 in the morning and never got home until 11:30 at night.

As you can imagine she was very tired for a few days and in a lot of pain. There were two wounds one under her arm where they accessed the lymph nodes and one around her nipple where they accessed the lump in her breast.

They had also discovered that the tumour was larger than they had thought and that it was 32 mm in size, it was also deep in the in the breast and attached to muscle. That said the surgeon felt that he had removed the whole tumour and that none had been left behind.

She had a very large dressing on and so it was difficult to see the wounds but you could see the pain and discomfort she was in in.

She had a follow-up appointment on the 8th of April and went to see the consultant in Epping as she was still in pain where he prescribed stronger medication and advised her to rest up more. He did say say that he felt the wounds were healing nicely and it would just be a case of time and it could be as long as 6 weeks.

We are still waiting to hear whether she will need chemotherapy or radiotherapy or a mixture of the two and tissue samples have been sent to America for testing. Once the results are back we will know more more about what follow-up treatment is needed.

Overall she is getting better by the day day with with movement returning to her left hand side a little bit each day day. I also think that the pain is reducing but she needs to continue to take it easy.

I off course wish her all the best and all my love.

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