A sad day

Today is a sad day, we got the phone call this afternoon that Barbara’s mother had passed away in hospital, it’s an extremely emotional time for us and just adds on to all the other things we are going through.

As background information, she had dementia for a number of years and recently had been very poorly she spent her time mostly at home with some time been spent in a care home.

The care home had said that she either had to spend all her time at the care home or all her time I’m at home. It was decided that she would go full-time into the care home so there was less risk of her taking the virus into the home.

After a few days of being in the home I received a call from the care home saying that she had been admitted to hospital with a high fever, the paramedics have been called and they had decided to take her to hospital.

Within a few days we got another phone call saying that tests indicated that she had Corona Virus and that that she was approaching the end of her life.

On the 7th of April she finally succumbed to the virus and passed away. I can only hope but the she is now in a better place and at peace.

I think what this does is make the Corona Virus very real us and our family. No one was allowed to visit her in hospital and so we never got to say our goodbyes.

The funeral is planned for next week and I don’t think Barbara and I should go so we will have to find another way to say goodbye. As only 10 people can go to the funeral it is planned to hold a memorial service for her later in the year.

In the meantime we are thinking of her and remembering the good times.

Rest In Peace

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