Phone Call, good news,bad news!

I had a phone call today from the Radiography Consultant about my PSA results following on the blood test that was done on the 3rd.

And so the good news is that my PSA say is now at 169 which is extremely good after a high of 1,584 a few months ago go. She also said that she had seen the scan results from the PSMA PET scan and that that seems to indicate that a lot of the tumors had reduced in size by as much as half, which all seems to indicate that the Lutetium treatment is working well. And so really I need to continue with the treatment to try and keep the positive momentum going and keep pressure on the tumors and the PSA to get them down further

The bad news is that the treatment which was scheduled for the 9th has now been postponed until the 17th which is about 2 weeks away, again a little bit disappointing but better to have the right treatment than something a bit wrong.

The reason given for the delay was that due to staff shortages at the facility that makes the Lutetium, they could not provide enough on the 9th and so I was reserved a treatment for the 17th.

Overall I’m really pleased with how the treatment is going and the positive effect it is having and while there are hiccups along the way at least I am still getting treatment.

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