Lutetium Treatment No 5 NOT….

Today I headed to London for my 5th Lutetium treatment at the London Clinic. I was doing this treatment on my own for the first time as we thought it better that Barbara didn’t come along and risk exposure.

I had booked a car to take me at my own expense to minimise the risk of going on the train and tube and picking up the Corona Virus.

I was a little excited to be going out, I hadn’t been out of the house for days and it would be good to see the outside world and get a change of scenery. The journey to the clinic was very quick, what normally takes 90 minutes or more took less than an hour.

So I arrived slightly early.

The clinic was clearly taking precautions against the virus and had a hand sanitising station set up just inside the door. There were also guide marks on the floor to help us keep our distance.

I was quickly checked in and was pleased to see that the coffee bar was open and so I ordered myself a flat white. I hadn’t had a coffee from a coffee shop since going into isolation and so I was looking forward to this one.

Soon I was upstairs in my room, not a great view but at least it was a change of scenery.

I settled in and was soon joined by a nurse who did my observations, fitted me with a cannula and took a blood sample for testing. I was also able to order some breakfast and lunch.

As this was treatment number 5 I knew the routine, I would probably get the treatment at about midday and so I made myself comfortable and settled in.

However it was not going to be routine.

My phone rang at about 1030, it was my Radiation Consultant who was phoning to tell me that the Lutetium had failed quality control and that I would not be getting treatment today. It would seem that the two elements of the Lutetium, the radioactive element and the PSMA element (the PSMA element is attracted to the cancer cells which the radioactive element then destroys) had not bonded together correctly and so would not work as it should. The radiation would go around my body and cause damage to cells.

I was disappointed that the treatment had been cancelled after the risk and the cost of getting to the hospital. But better it is postponed than be injected with something that could do more harm than good.

I was soon on the phone to my car driver who would return as soon as he could.

Another quick trip out of London and I was home for lunch. The roads were quiet but I was a little surprised at how many people there were about, walking down the roads and in the parks but I guess they must be key workers snd people who cannot work from home.

So my next treatment is booked for just before Easter, fingers crossed!

One thought on “Lutetium Treatment No 5 NOT….”

  1. That must have been a real disappointment Phillip. Still on the upside you got out and had a nice tour of London which got you out of the house for a bit. Hope you get the treatment soon. 👍


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