Update 24 March 2020 – It’s beyond Prostate Cancer

Firstly, apologies for not writing an update for a while but things have been going on which have distracted me and I am not talking about the Coronavirus!

A few weeks ago, my wife Barbara was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and it has thrown me a little.  Hopefully it has been detected early and after the Lumpectomy on Thursday it will all be sorted.

Fingers crossed.

As for me mostly good news.

My PSA at last count was down to 216 which is down from the high of 1,585 and the PSMA PET scan has shown that a lot of the tumours have reduced in size, some by as much as 50%.

The most tangible piece of good news is that I now longer need to wear the Spinal Brace that I have been wearing over the last three months.  It is a great relief not to wear it as I was sweating a lot wearing it as it does not let the skin breath.  I was also using calamine lotion every evening to try and prevent get a sweat rash.

I had a funny episode two weeks ago where I was throwing up in the middle of the night, not very pleasant at all.  I suspect it was some kind of food poisoning as it was only for a couple of hours as opposed to anything more serious.

And so, I think that just about covers me for now, I do have a Coronavirus story to tell but will do that as a separate post.

Keep well people.

2 thoughts on “Update 24 March 2020 – It’s beyond Prostate Cancer”

  1. Dear Phil
    I am so sorry for the news about Barbara. I think You have taken Your turn in cancer, and now this! I hope for the best. Both of You. Big hugs


  2. Sorry to hear about Barbara, that’s rubbish and a bit of a shock out of the blue!
    But take it from me BC is very survivable, although not fun…I’ll be keeping everything crossed for you both.
    Good news for you though that’s really brilliant! Long may it continue.
    Stay safe – hugs
    Justine xxx


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