Back in Nuclear Medicine

Back in the Nuclear Medicine department of UCLH today for a PET Scan to see how the Lutetium is doing.

On the face of it, it looks like it is going well with my PSA dropping from 1585 to 304 the scan will take a look inside and see how things are.

And then I come back on 11th March for an Outpatients appointment to get the results and from there the decision of future Lutetium treatments.

So a fairly important day!

The PET scan went fine although there was a lot of waiting around, it is one of those scans where they inject you with a radioactive isotope and then you have to wait, in this case, 90 minutes for it to get around your body and to the cancer.

I was given a bed to lie on so spent the time having a nap and catching up on my sleep!

There is something about waiting around it just seems to make you even more tired and I left the hospital feeling shattered!



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