Zoledronic Acid

So something new today, same old journey but to a new floor in the Macmillan Cancer Centre at UCLH.

I find myself on the 4th floor which is for Supportive Care and Apheresis. I am here for the Supportive Care part and not Apheresis which is about removing a certain constituent from the blood.

I am here for my first infusion of Zoledronic Acid which is delivered intravenously. The Zoledronic Acid is supposed to strengthen my bones and will hopefully help prevent further fractures although I will still need to take great care with what I am doing.So it is all new for me today and I will have to see what happens…….

We arrived a few minutes late for my appointment, checked in and then waited 45 minutes before I was called into the treatment room.

Much the same as other intravenous treatments I have had, my blood pressure was taken and was 158 over 88, slightly high I think probably down to nerves with it being a new experience.

I was soon hooked up to a cannula and the drip. I was to have 100ml of Zoledronic Acid followed by a flush. 15 minutes for the acid and 10 for the flush.I barely had time to read my magazine and it was all over, cannula removed, plaster stuck in place and there I was booking my next appointment for 4 weeks time.I did think treatment was every 12 weeks and will check with the Oncology team when I see them in a couple of weeks.

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