Oncology Outpatients 22 Jan 2020

Back up to London today for my first Oncology Outpatients appointment of the year.  I didn’t have an appointment in December and so it seems like a long time since I have seen the oncology team although I have had treatment and have been to the hospital several times.

The tube was the busiest I have seen it in a long time, it was packed and as we moved deeper into London the stations had more and more people on them.

Fortunately for me a kind man saw my walking stick and offered me a seat for which I was very grateful.

We arrived early as we had planned to meet a friend for breakfast at Patisserie Valerie near the hospital, it was good to catch with her.

And then it was a short walk to the hospital for my 10 am appointment, we checked in and didn’t have long to wait before I was called forward into a consultation room.

Today we saw a new doctor that I had not met before but had spoken to on the phone.  We spent the first part of the appointment catching up with her asking me how I was doing.

Once we were all caught up I had a few questions that I wanted to ask.  These were all around strengthening my bones and whether I should take some supplements or something else.

The decision was made that I would go onto a regime of Zoledronic Acid which strengthens and protects the bones.  It is given intravenously every 12 weeks and she would try and get me booked in for the first treatment as soon as she could.  I signed the consent forms and then we were off to the pharmacy and to get a blood test.

We went to the pharmacy first as there is always a long wait for the prescription to be filled and then we went downstairs for the blood test.

From the pharmacy I was getting some Dexamethasone in smaller doses as they were going to wean me off the Dexamethasone and I would be reducing the dose down by 0.5mg per week.  If there were any side effects, I was to just up the dose again.  I was also picking up a Calcium and Vitamin D supplement called Adcal which I would take until the Zoledronic Acid treatment starts.

And then it was time to head home until my next appointment in February.


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