Staples Out

Today I had my staples out, those in my back from when I had the Vertebroplasty procedure earlier in the month as per the pic below.

The removal went very well and was done at my local GP surgery by one of the nurses.


She said everything seems to be healing well and I didn’t have to wear a dressing any longer.

I still need to wear the spinal brace for another six weeks which is probably a good thing to help protect the spine.  I am also learning habits like not bending, while wearing it, and hopefully these will continue once I do not need to wear the brace.

I also got the result of the blood test I had last week, my PSA is now 409 which is good but I had hoped it would be lower given that I am three Lutetium treatments in.  My PSA back on the 19th of December was 485, so the drop to 409 is in the right direction but I had hoped for more.

Still I have my Oncology Outpatients tomorrow and so will have to see what they have to say.

I will update you all tomorrow.

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