Second Opinion – Second Visit

Today I have been back to The Rivers which is a private hospital for a consultation with the spinal specialist I saw on the 3rd of January.

Whole Spine

He was very good and had got hold of a copy of the MRI I had back in November and he showed us the MRI and explained what was going on, he went up and down my spine and we looked at the different vertebrae and talked about them. Overall when you look at the pictures the dark patches are not good and they show signs of cancer and the lighter ones are good and are stronger bones.


I told him that I had the Vertebroplasty procedure last week and he thought that was a good idea and a good way forward, he thought there were lots of benefits to be had from that procedure and wholeheartedly agreed with it.

He did reiterate that going forward I will need to be very careful with what I’m doing and while the Vertebroplasty procedure will help the T12 vertebrae to some extent, other vertebrae are still at high risk.

When I see my Oncologist next week I need to ask about what can be done to strengthen the bones.  Zoledronic Acid is an option as are calcium supplements.

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