Post Op Update

After a very busy week last week I’m really taking it easy this week and I am very conscious of the procedure I had last week and how fragile my back is, so what I need to do now is rest and recuperate.

That said I have been taking Teddy out for short walks and doing a few things around the house, but have noticed that anything that includes bending or picking things off the floor causes pain and so I have to do everything really carefully.  I am keen to get myself back to my former self (and former strength) and do more.

My back does feel stiff at times and I noticed that the pain increases as the day goes on so it’s a warning for me not to overdo it.

In the meantime I am trying to sort out a blood test that can be done locally with my GP to save me a trip to London and also trying to get my medication rationalised so that I get prescriptions on the same day and not spread over the month.

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