Vertebroplasty – Discharge Day

Today I started the day early and it came as a bit of a shock as I was in a deep sleep and still a little under the effects of the anaesthetic but it was a nurse is coming round to do observations, blood pressure and so on.  I was feeling really tired after the operation the day before and the effects of the anaesthetic but I struggled and got myself awake and started to think about the day.

I dozed for a little while and started to think about when Barbara might arrive, hopefully, she would bring some tea and a light breakfast which she did.

The consultant who did the operation came around at about 08.30 for a chat and to check me out, he again said all went well and that he would like to see me in a couple of weeks.  He said they would arrange the next appointment as the one I had was for in April.  He also reiterated that I should continue to wear the brace for a further 6 weeks.

As far as he was concerned, I could be discharged but I would have to wait for the pharmacy to issue some medicine and to be discharged properly.

The hospital breakfast came late for some reason, it was served at around 09.30 which is late when you are being woken at 6 am.  I had another cup of tea and some toast.

And then we waited.

The waiting was punctuated with checks by nurses who took my blood pressure several times during the day.  I also had the dressing changed and got a chance to get a photograph of my back which shows the surgical clips that have been used although they do look like they have come straight from a staple gun!


We also had a visit from a pharmacist who chatted through the medication I was currently on and what they would need to issue.

And we waited.

Another pharmacist turned up and when we said we had already seen her colleague she disappeared.

Barbara went out and got me a salad from Pret for lunch.

And we waited.

Finally, at around 3pm I was given a bag of medication and was told I could go.  By this time, we were packed and I was dressed, we were ready for the off.

I was really looking forward to getting home a relaxing a little, it had been a long couple of days.  I was feeling a little tender in places but hopeful that the cement would do the job and that life could get back to something like normal.

I was also looking forward to seeing Teddy our dog who was probably wondering where I had been.




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