Vertebroplasty Op Day

The day started early after a rough and restless night, please see my previous post here……….

My blood pressure and observations were done at around 6 am and I was put on Nil By Mouth as the expectation was that I would go down to theatre in a couple of hours as I was first on the list for the day subject to any emergencies………

My blood pressure was a little high and while I was feeling fine I guess there was some apprehension after all, I was going to be knocked out and was going to have needles stuck in my spine, let alone the cement!

Barbara arrived at around 8 am, I was dozing a bit and was pleased to see her. She offered to get me something but I was nil by mouth and so had to decline.

The consultant arrived around 9 am and talked through the procedure, he looked quite young and seemed very confident and knowledgeable, I felt I could trust him. He had no real feel for the timings and repeated what I had been told.

It did seem that there was a mix up over whether I could have had breakfast or not, with the doctors saying I could of and the nurses saying there was nothing in the notes so they took it as nil by mouth. And while I would have appreciated some breakfast it was too late now.

By this point I was in my theatre robes and had my surgical stockings on so now there was nothing else to do but wait.

And wait.

And wait.

Lunchtime came and went.

And wait.

I was getting peckish by now!

Finally around 3 pm a porter turned up and I was transferred to a wheelchair and wheeled through the maze to the operating theatre where I was met by smiling faces, I recognised the anaesthetist and she chatted and distracted me as others put in two cannulas and did other prep. I was lying on my back but at some point I would be turned over onto my front for the procedure with only my hospital knickers to give me some dignity!

I could see drugs being injected into the cannula and soon a mask was put over my face, they were asking me questions about holidays as I faded out and before I knew it………

I was being woken up, dazed and confused, I felt surrounded by nurses and tangled in drip lines and other monitors. It took me a few moments to get orientated and understand where I was although I couldn’t talk and was very drowsy.

I was in the recovery room and there was activity going on around me, I was slowly becoming more awake and aware and I was staving!

I was told the procedure had gone well and that the consultant would see me in the morning.

I spent about an hour in the recovery room where they monitored me and while I dozed a bit I was trying to stay aware and awake. Finally a porter arrived and I was taken back up to the ward where Barbara was waiting for me, I was pleased to see her.

I didn’t know what to do first, I was staving, thirsty and needed a wee!

I grabbed a bit of a sandwich I had ordered for lunch and a swig of sweet fanta to help my thirst. I told Barbara I was staving and headed to the loo, fortunately I was able to walk although I was a little wobbly and Barbara helped me to the loo.

By the time I came out my dinner had been warmed up and I tucked into it, it was most welcome.


I was feeling much better now, I had been fed and watered and was getting back to normal. There was some back pain but more of an ache except when I moved, then it was more painful.

The nurses had a check of the dressing and Barbara took a picture, see above.

It was a fairly compact dressing.

By now it was around 8 pm and Barbara had to head home, I was sorry to see her go. I then settled down for some rest, did a bit of reading and so on. Nurses came and did observations, blood pressure etc which was at a more normal level and goes to show I must have had some pre-op nerves.

I had a better nights sleep but it was still disturbed by all the things that go on during the night on a hospital ward and of course when you are in the deepest sleep someone wakes you up to test your blood pressure or give you some medication, still it has to be done.

I was looking forward to the morning and being discharged and getting home.

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