What is this I hear you ask?

Well this is procedure where cement is inserted into damaged vertebrae to repair and strengthen them as per the diagram below.

Image result for Vertebroplasty

My day started with a call from my Neurologist who said that my MRI from November had been compared with the X-Ray I had in December and they believed that I was developing a stoop or a hunch and so I was presented with a number of options.

  1. Do nothing
  2. Wait and have more dramatic surgery/treatment in time
  3. Have cement inserted now
  4. Have a metal plate inserted.

After a conversation with the Neurologist it would seem that option 3 was the best option as option 1 might lead to option 2 and 4. Option 4 wasn’t considered to be the best option as it was serious surgery and not really needed at this time.

I hope that makes sense?

What was surprising is that they want to admit me tomorrow afternoon with the procedure to take place on Thursday, with discharge on Friday.

The procedure sounds fairly straight forward and takes about an hour although it is done under general anaesthetic and all the risks that brings with it, although I am mostly fit and well and so the risk is low.

As I write I am now waiting for a call from the admissions team who will give me timings etc for tomorrow.

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