Neurologist Appointment & Scan

Today is a two hospital day, first stop is the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery to see a consultant about my back and then I am off just down the road to The London Clinic for my post treatment scan for the Lutetium treatment I had on Tuesday.

So after a train ride and a taxi I arrived at my first destination and checked in. I didn’t have to wait long and I was told to go and get an X-Ray done.

So back outside and down the road to another entrance where I sort out directions to the X-Ray department which like in a lot of hospitals was downstairs.

On arrival I wait a few minutes and was then asked to change into a hospital robe which I did.

The X-Ray was to be of my whole spine and so I would be standing for the X-Ray. After some careful positioning I was given the thumbs up and the room emptied and the machine whirled. First picture done I was then turned sideways and another image was taken.

Then it was a quick case of getting dressed again and I made my way back to the waiting room.

Two minutes later I was called and met my the consultant’s CNS (Clinical Nurse Specialist). She would be carrying out the consultation.

She started by asking lots of questions about how I was, what had happened and so on.  She showed me the X-Ray of my spine, please see picture below with the circle around the damaged (Wedge Shaped) T12 vertebrae.

Spine Close Up

I must say that it was a little scary seeing how compressed the vertebrae was and while she said it would reform it’s shape a little and that the disc’s above and below would grow to fill in the gap it still causes me great concern.  As does the fact that the vertebrae above and below are at high risk of a similar type on fracture.  I need to be very careful.

The CNS gave me an examination and a check over.

She went on to say that the approach to healing was time and rest and that I would need to wear the spinal brace for at least 3 months.  There was no surgery that could be done and to some extent I am relieved that surgery is not on the agenda.

I will just have to be patient.

After the consultation was finished I made my way over the Devonshire Place and the London Clinic for my Lutetium Post Treatment Scan.  I am getting to be an old hat at this now and knew exactly where to go.

I didn’t have to wait long to be called in.  Getting on the scanner bed was a slow process due to the pain in my back but it was nothing like getting off after 30 minutes of lying on my back.  I needed help from the staff and I asked them to move me slowly.

On my way out I bumped into my Consultant who said she had seen the blood test and was pleased with the results.  She was going to review the image from the scan.

She later text me and said that the scan image was even better than last time and that some trouble spots shown previously have disappeared completely.  Together with the fall in PSA she felt this was really encouraging.

This is of course excellent news and the best Christmas present I could get and really this is only after 2 treatments and hopefully treatments 3 and 4 will help even more.

Merry Christmas Everyone.

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