It’s Brace Day!

I wonder how many of my post start with ‘here I am on the train again’ or similar? I need to get more creative with my writing but it is where I start a lot of my posts as I travel into London which of course is where I am right now, on the train!

And while I am heading to Warren Street I have a different hospital as my destination as I going to the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital on Bolsover Street just round the corner from Warren Street and of course UCLH.

I am looking forward to getting the brace as I hope it is going to help a lot in terms of healing and also preventing further injury or damage.

Just a five minute walk or hobble and I was at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital which is a nice looking building.

I made my way downstairs to the Orthotics Department, checked in and before I knew it Donna was out to meet me.

We went into a consultation room and I got my first sight of the brace.

I didn’t get my first choice of a Camouflage pattern but got my second choice of Carbon Fibre.

Donna showed me how to fit the brace and some words of wisdom. I need to get used to wearing the brace but ideally should wear it as much as I can.

I put the brace on and pulled the straps tight and could feel myself straightening up which was good.

Not so good was all the softer bits around my tummy and waist (where I had put on weight over the last few months) squeezed outwards! Not a great look but one I can work on 👍😉.

And then I was off, the whole thing only took a few minutes and so I made my way to UCLH where I would get a blood test done.

The blood test is a little early, it’s for my appointment on the 18th, next Wednesday, but as I am getting Lutetium treatment on the Tuesday I thought I would get the blood done today.

As I made my way over to UCLH I found myself a little short of breath, I think this is due to the brace compressing my chest slightly and not allowing as much movement. I guess this is something else to get used to!

Anyway I made it to UCLH and got the blood test done, it was fairly quick and easy.

Then it was time for a quick lunch and then to make my way home.

And so this post ends as it started, back on the train only this time homeward bound.

I am getting used to the brace and at the moment it is quite comfortable. So far so good, let’s see what the next few days brings?

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