Back Home

Well I survived the trip to Bratislava and am back home again now and getting back into routine. I am really glad we went ahead with the trip and the challenges it presented as it was a real morale booster and to some extent a touch of normality.

Back home now and feeling a little frustrated that things are moving so slowly around my back, the focus seems to be on getting the back brace and I believe who is going to fund it.  In the end I think the Oncology Department have funded it and I had a phone call this morning saying that I should expect a phone call from the company that makes the braces so I can go in for a fitting.

Overall I feel my back is on the mend although it might be the pain medication that is keeping the pain under control and as such giving me a slightly false impression.  Whatever I need to take care not to aggravate the current injury or create another.

I do wonder what would have happened if I had just gone into my local A&E department?

I am also keen to see someone for the Neurosurgery team and get more info about my back, questions like.

Will it heel?

Are other bones/vertebrae at risk?

Can I take anything to reduce re-occurrence?

Can I do anything to reduce re-occurrence?

But let’s get the brace and take it from there.

I do have a date for my next Lutetium treatment and that is now on the 17th of December, so not long.   I am also due more hormone therapy before then and I need to get that scheduled in.

So I continue to take it easy, walking is still painful after a short distance and standing still can be even worse.  I also have to be careful lifting things and not over stretching.

Part of normality for me is getting to walk Teddy, something we both enjoy.  Currently I am only doing short walks with him and some friends take him out a couple of times a week for a longer walk which works quite well but I would love to be going along as well.  Here he is in his new winter coat.



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