Hello From Bratislava

Having a great time in Bratislava, it is our third day here and so I thought I would provide a quick update.

Firstly on the medical side.

I did quite a lot of walking on the first two days, going over 10,000 steps on both days and for the most part I was able to manage the pain so that it did not stop me doing what I wanted to do.

The previous Sunday I did less than 1,000 steps so you can see the difference.

We also stopped quite a lot so I could rest.

Also on the first day we did a bus tour which took the pressure off and is a great way to get a feel for a new place.

I did feel it today though so have probably over done it a little. I was struggling a little first thing but some additional paracetamol and oromorph helped.

But we took it as a sign and so adjusted the day so there was less walking.

And what about Bratislava?

Well worth a visit and in many ways exceeded expectations. We were lucky with the weather which was cold but dry.

There is lots to see and do in Bratislava depending on what you like. We like sightseeing and loved the old town, the castle and Soviet Memorial.

The food has also been amazing and has been far better than expected.

I am so pleased that we came away, it has been so worthwhile.

I think for a lot of people with cancer it is about trying to live as much of a normal life as possible and for me that normal life involves travel.

It is high risk to travel and I do a risk assessment before every trip and a big part of that is looking internally at how I feel both physically and mentally.

Physically my back is a problem and I don’t want to make it worse so we packed light and begrudgingly I let Barbara do most of the heavy lifting of bags on and off the airplane. So very much a team effort and I am thankful for her help and support.

Of course it is good for both of us to be away together and to get real quality time with each other.

Mentally I was ready for the break away and am still very much on top of things in my head. My attitude is more about how we can do these trips and how we can do it safely.

So we are looking forward to our next trip abroad which will be to Slovenia at New Year. We have learnt some lessons from this trip and they will make the next one a little easier.

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