Off On An Adventure!

Here I am sat in the departure lounge at Stansted Airport, things have gone remarkably well so far. Next stop Bratislava!

We got through security fairly quick and easy.

Time spent prepping the packing for security is time well spent, liquids and things sorted and organised. Even more important is having medicines and any supporting documentation sorted and to hand, not that we needed it in this case.

Either the level of radiation from the LU177 treatment has dropped so far it is not detectable or there are no detectors for that type of radiation here?

It also makes things less painful and certainly less stressful. It is also worth using fast track to get through security, it is much quicker as you would expect and even the other passengers in fast track seem better organised.

And we have made it onto the plane, we have seats at the front so loads of legs room but not very wide.

So far the pain has been manageable although I will be taking some pain killers once we are airborne.

So just going to sign off on this post.

More later from Bratislava 👍😎.

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