Another Day Another Outpatients Appointment

Back on the train again and while the title may sound a bit glib I feel this is an important appointment with a few things to catch up on.

Mainly the results from the MRI scan and what my PSA is?

So not surprisingly I am feeling a little nervous but hopeful at the same time.

Well we arrived just on time and were called forward straight away which is a first, barely time to get my thoughts together!

Today I met a new doctor, new to me that is. She spent a lot of time asking me questions and getting a feel of how I was. She also gave me an examination.

What the MRI showed was that I had a compression fracture in my T12 vertebra which would explain the pain. And while no single event may have caused it, it is likely that my bones are not as strong as they could be and subject to wear and tear.

Below is an image I have borrowed from the web which shows a compression fracture.

Image result for compression fracture spine

I do have a copy of the MRI report and it goes into some detail and will take me a little time to understand it fully.  The good news is that the reports says there is “no new foci of metastatic disease” which I am taking to mean that there is no new cancer in the spine since the last MRI, good news methinks!

Bottom line is I need to take care what I am doing and even things like over stretching may cause damage.

In the meantime I am being referred to a neurosurgeon for review and to see what can be done.

I hope this does not take too long to come through.

There was also talk about starting treatment with something called Zoledronic Acid which can help to strengthen the bones and reduce pain.  This is normally given via a drip on a monthly basis.

There are a few hurdles to go through before starting on this, including the neurosurgeon but also a visit to the dentist is needed so they can check my teeth and jaw is OK before starting on the Zoledronic Acid.

In regard to my PSA it has come down to 961 from 1167 and a high of 1585.

It also looks like my Alkaline Phosphatase has been tracking my PSA, it was up at 733 and is now 282, (normal range is 40-129IU/L).  I think this is an indication of cancer activity in the bones (among other things) and so again the fact it has come down is good.  I hope, I didn’t get a chance to discuss this during the appointment but noticed it on the blood work print out.

So this is good news and hopefully a sign that the Lutetium is working, although we won’t really know until I have a PET Scan in December.

So I need to contact the team at The London Clinic and find out when the PET Scan is and also next treatment.

I need to go back to the pain management team and talk about my pain meds with a view to increasing the MST.

And I need to watch what I am doing so I don’t damage my back any further.

Is it Christmas yet, looks like it is in London 😉.

2 thoughts on “Another Day Another Outpatients Appointment”

  1. Sounds like good news overall Phillip – thanks for the update!
    Many of my friends with breast cancer have had zoledronic acid without any problems so hopefully that will work for you.
    Onwards & upwards – hugs

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