Blood Test Time Again

Heading up to UCLH this morning for s blood test prior to my Outpatients appointment tomorrow. It’s a pain having to go up today but at least I should have a full set of results for tomorrow.

It will be interesting to see what my PSA will be and to get the results from the MRI scan to see if anything can be done about the back pain I have been experiencing.

Well that was quick and painless, literally 😁.

Only 11 people in front of me and the plebotemist was very good, hence no pain.

I also learnt that this is my 43rd blood test at UCLH, there must be at least another 30 at other hospitals, they soon add up!

Back on the train now, homeward bound.

Fingers crossed for the results tomorrow 🤞.

6 thoughts on “Blood Test Time Again”

  1. Hi Philip – I have been following your journey and have missed your updates! How are you and how is the Lu177 going? Have you had a second treatment?
    My husband started the Vision trial the same day as your first treatment but unfortunately after his second infusion he was taken off the trial as his PSA was rising and his scans showed progression so I’m hoping you are doing better.
    Good luck for tomorrow
    KR Amanda

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    1. Hi Amanda and thanks for your response. I will try and get better with the posts.
      I have had my second treatment with the LU177 back in October. At that poing my PSA had dropped from over 1500 to around 1100, so I saw that as a positive. I am due a PET scan in December which should tell whether the tumours have grown or hopefully shrunk.
      Sorry to hear about your husband, what is the next treatment for him? I was taken off immunotherapy last year due to disease progression.


      1. Hi and thanks Philip – next try will be Carbazitaxel but he is going to have denosumab first. He also has back pain and I’m wondering if we should ask for MRI like you. Tell me what was Mauritius like? Were you well enough to enjoy and was it hard to get travel insurance? Hope your back appointment goes well. Take care

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      2. Sounds like a plan is in place then, I have had 4 cycles of Cabazitaxel but was taken off it due to disease progression so I hope he fares better than me. I am not familiar with Denosumab, looks like it is to strengthen the bones which given my current circumstances can only be a good thing.
        Mauritius was amazing and well worth a visit, go if you get the chance. Beautiful beaches and the people are really friendly, a great place to chill and relax. And yes I was well enough to enjoy although I was taking lots of pain killers and other meds.
        I use Barclays for travel insurance, they provide cover for everything unless it is cancer related, so to some extent its a risk assessment as to whether I feel there will be a cancer related incident or not. If I were to need repatriation due to cancer then I would have to fund it. I think hard before every trip.
        Off to Bratislava in Slovakia next week, fingers crossed I will be OK. It maybe that as things progress I need to cut back on travel but for now I am keeping on travelling. In fact I have a goal to visit have visited 60 countries by my 60th birthday next April, I am currently at 54 countries.
        Are you in the UK, if you ever want to chat more then let me know.
        All the best.


  2. Hi Philip and thanks for all the information- The Indian Ocean is definitely on our bucket list – perhaps for Michael’s 60th which is in February! I’m loving your desire to visit 60 by 60 and think it’s the thought of these activities that get you through the bad days. We live in Gloucester and while most off Michaels appointments are local we also go to Marsden and Bristol.
    Glad you got your X-ray so quickly – fingers crossed that they can help and you get to Slovakia- all the best.
    Ps we have used “Insurance With” a company that specialise in cancer patient travel and are about a quarter of the price of other companies – maybe worth a look.

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    1. Hi Amanda, I think the short term goals keep us going and we still have to try and do the things we enjoy and challenge us a little.
      Sounds like you get around what with visits to the Marsden and Bristol, do you feel you are getting looked after? I feel they have been very good at UCLH and it’s worth the extra travel to get there, that said Princess Alexandra in Harlow was also very good just that UCLH has access to newer treatments and trials.
      I will take a look at “Insurance With”, thank you.
      Counting down the days to Slovakia 🙂


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