Full Spine MRI

Back on the train to London and UCLH where I am going for a Full Spine MRI.

I have been suffering with a lot of back pain over the last couple of weeks and I hope that the MRI will identify a problem that can be treated, maybe by radiotherapy which has helped in the past.

And then my phone goes…..

It’s the imaging department at UCLH and they ask if I have already left for the appointment!

It would seem that the machine has gone down! If I wasn’t on the train then the recommendation would be to reschedule but as I am on the train it seems best to go in and hope that it is fixed by then.

So feeling a bit annoyed now. I have already waited quite a long time for the scan and am also in a lot of pain made worse by travelling.

But feel I have no option but to go on and hope it is working.

Well I arrived at the hospital and went to the new building next to Macmillan Cancer Centre. It’s only been open a few weeks I think and everything is very new and clean.

I am being told the scanner is now working and that my scan should happen on schedule.

Fingers crossed 🤞.

I didn’t have too long to wait before I was called in.  I got changed into the gown and was soon in the room with the scanner.

I was asked to lie down on the scanner bed and did so, it caused a lot of pain lying flat on the hard surface and I was wincing with pain.  I think the radiographers could tell.

Headphones were placed on my head to reduce the noise and I was moved into the scanner.

If you have never had a MRI, it is an experience, it is very noisy with all sorts of different noises, bangs and sounds of things spinning.

I tried to relax as best I could and closed my eyes.

It is also a little claustrophobic as you lie in the tube without much room to move.

I let my mind drift with all sorts of thoughts going through my mind.

Every now and then they would speak to me through the headphones, I didn’t catch everything and normally grunted a response of some kind!

After an hour or so it was over and I was slid out of the tube.

I couldn’t sit up by myself and needed help from the staff, I was in a lot of pain in my back after lying still for so long.  I managed to get to my feet but could hardly walk. It took me a while to get going.

I was in pain, the kind of pain that takes your breath away, it left me panting as I gathered myself.

I staggered to the dressing and slowly got dressed.

There was no way I was going to go home on the tube in rush hour so I got an UBER home and relaxed in the back of the car.

I was pleased to get home and finally get to relax, it had been exhausting.

Just need the results now!

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