Oncology Outpatients 18 Sept 2019

Off we go again, back on the train to London and UCLH.

My fingers are double crossed hoping that my PSA is down from 1238 which it was at just before I had the Lutetium treatment on the 23rd August.

I also need to have a blood test at The London Clinic today as I am there tomorrow for a check up with them.

My current issues are my lower back which is causing me some pain and discomfort although pain killers do help. My left leg around the knee is tender, I might have over done it while on the cruise.

And the Shingles, while they seem to be fading the do feel itchy and tender at times, perhaps the just need time to heel but it does seem like a long time since they first developed.

So we arrived about midday for my 1220 appointment to discover that the clinic was running about an hour late.

So we went to see Danny the trial nurse who was able to tell me my PSA which was 1585, not the number I was hoping for but a slower increase over the previous month which saw my PSA almost double.

Danny also said that as I was receiving Lutetium privately I was to be taken off the trial, this did not come as a surprise!

So for now we sit and wait……..

And wait we did, the appointment ended up being two hours late!!!

We were shown into a consultation room and before long Dr Blanka arrived who we have seen a few times in the past.

We spent some time catching up and reviewing how I had been.

It was clear she had not seen my blood test results and she went off to get them.

When she returned she was with Dr Linch who then took over the consultation.

He reviewed the blood test and said all looked fine in regard to white blood count etc. Obviously the PSA had gone up but as it had been doubling we took it as a positive that it had only gone up a few hundred to 1585 a rise of 238 whereas previously it had been doubling. It was also discussed that we really may not expect much until after the second lutetium treatment.

And so the conversation turned to when that might be.

Because we have a holiday booked to Mauritius in October the debate was around whether to have treatment before or after the holiday. It was left that it would be discussed and I would be informed.

Overall everyone was pleased with how the treatment had gone and that I had shown no side effects.

And then the appointment was over, we had a prescription to collect which would take an hour so we popped over to Pret for lunch before returning.

My next Outpatients Appointment was booked for after the holiday on the 23rd.

But for now it was time to head home, we had been out much longer than I had expected.

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