Oncology Outpatients 21 Aug 2019

It seems like ages……

Ages since we have been up to UCLH for an Outpatients appointment, in truth it’s been 4 weeks but after being there weekly at some points it feels like a long time.

The Macmillan Cancer Centre seemed quite, perhaps because of the holidays.

I had a blood test at 8am and then met a friend for breakfast.

Back to the Cancer Centre for 11am so I could see the research nurse and get my observations done.

Everything was fine and we had a good catch up with the research nurses.

We then went to wait to see the doctor and I hadn’t even sat down when we were called forward.

We saw doctor that I hadn’t seen in ages so we had a good catch up on how I was. I mentioned the rash and he had a good look at it and decided it was Shingles.

The good news was that he thought it was on the way out and it didn’t need treating, he also thought that I would be ok for the Lutetium treatment on Friday.

On the bad news side he said my PSA was 700 in July, he didn’t have this mornings reading.

700 seems very high to me but he also needs to look at the bigger picture, my overall health etc.

He prescribed some more Dexamethasone which we collected from the pharmacy and then it was time to head home.

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