A Rash

It’s Saturday morning and I am just getting out of the shower when I look at my reflection in the mirror and I notice a light red blotch just above my left nipple.

I look closer and I see another two blotches.

Mmmm, I wonder what that is, I muse?

I touch them and feel no pain or discomfort, there is no itchiness or anything; If I hadn’t seen them in the mirror I wouldn’t have known they were there.

Over the coming days I keep an eye on them.

Something I should have mentioned earlier is that I have two radiation “burns” or marks on my back from where I had the radiotherapy a few weeks ago, these are almost square in shape and as itchy as anything, they also feel slightly raised.

So very different from what is on my chest.

Over the next couple of days I notice that the rash seems to be spreading under my arm and onto my back.

I have started to worry a little but with my oncology outpatients appointment in a day of two, I decide not to go to the doctors.

I do mention it to Barbara who then gives me a through examination but finds nothing else, the rash appear to start above my left nipple and in blotches spread round to almost the exact place on my back, if I had a nipple there!

I am sure it’s nothing major but that doesn’t stop my mind going into overdrive!

Thankfully it’s now the morning of my Outpatients appointment and we can get someone to look at the rash.

And the good news is, I have shingles, better than some of the options I had contemplated.

The doctor thought that it was caused because I was a little run down.

I have also had a cold sore which seems to tie in with being run down or maybe it’s just the change in the weather.

The doctor also thought that the shingles had mostly passed and that no treatment was needed.

Which was good.

So I can relax a little and try and recharge; with the cruise coming up soon it should be the ideal time to recharge and get back into better shape, I may take a few vitamin tablets and have a few more oranges to help me out.

Then on Friday I become a radioactive superhero as I have my first Lutetium treatment and who knows what that may bring, but fingers crossed.

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