Having Slept On It

After the upbeat meeting yesterday and having had time to sleep on it I had come to the conclusion that 19th September was a long way away given the pace that the cancer seemed to be progressing.

And so I thought it might be better to look elsewhere for treatment i.e. Germany.

But before making a hasty decision I decided to email the consultant I had seen the previous day.

She came back to me fairly promptly and it fact agreed with me and thought that Germany might be a good option and getting treatment sooner would be a good course of action.

So now all I had to do was find a hospital in Germany that was willing to do the treatment.

4 thoughts on “Having Slept On It”

  1. I know that a lot of members to this site are considering Lu 177 therapy so wanted to let you know it has just become available in Windsor UK. The company Genesis, which is part of Theranostics in Australia, can help with travel and accommodation as well as the scans and treatment. They are taking patients worldwide and UK and are based about 10 miles from London.
    Contact details julie.martin@genesiscare.co.uk
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