A Fairly Big Day

After my good nights sleep (see previous post) I had a bad night last night and just couldn’t settle, partly it was my mind running wild and partly the Dexamethasone helping to keep me awake.


We are heading back up to London today to meet with a Nuclear Medicine Consultant with a view to having the Lutetium 177 treatment at The London Clinic.

It should be OK as I was accepted onto the Vision Trial so my PSMA and everything is OK.

If you recall I was accepted onto the Vision Trial but put into the control group hence looking to go private.

The meeting with the consultant went very well and we spent about an hour with her. She spent time asking about my condition and my treatment so far as well as talking us through the Lutetium treatment.

By the end of the meeting we had agreed a date of 19 September for my first Lutetium treatment, this was mainly due to a break in manufacturing of the Lutetium in August.

Overall I was very happy and really felt that we had moved forward.

We headed home.

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