A Good Nights Sleep

One thing I have been experiencing since starting on Dexamethasone is that I have been having trouble sleeping. I normally fall asleep at bedtime but then wake an hour or two later and have trouble getting back to sleep.

It is in part down to the drug and part down the racing mind or monkey brain. But once awake I feel alert and to some extent not tired.

However over the course of days the fatigue builds up and I could sense my mind slowing, my coordination was a little off and other effects of fatigue.

Barbara also said I looked tired.

So last night I took a sleeping pill, 7.5mg Zoplicone.

I took it about 9pm as I was feeling sleepy and would watch TV for about an hour.

Come bedtime I was feeling really tired and was soon settling down.

And then suddenly it was 7am and I feel great, I feel like I had a really good nights sleep and am now recharged and ready for the day.

I didn’t sleep right through, I got up at about 1pm for a wee but went straight back to sleep again.

I don’t like taking sleeping pills but every now and then you need a good sleep boost.

Now what shall I do today 😁👍.

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