Roasting Hot Today

And heading back to UCLH for an Oncology Outpatients appointment to review where we are.

There is a lot to review after the stay in hospital and radiotherapy last week.

I also need to get my head around all the scan results that I had previously had.

But for now it’s getting to the hospital and dealing with the heat.

The journey wasn’t too bad and we made good time. Got to the hospital and had a quick blood test.

Looking at the computer it would seem I have had 32 blood tests at UCLH, which is quite a few. On top of that I have probably had another 20 or more at Princess Alexandra and local all in the space of two and a half years or so.

Blood test done it was off for some breakfast.

Soon we back at the reception and in time for a quick check over with Danny and Ilona the research nurses who took all the usual blood pressure etc.

We were actually called forward almost on time, one of the advantages of an early appointment.

So we had a fairly good chat today and covered a fair bit of ground.

The bottom line is that the cancer is progressing at a fair rate with new sites both on bones and in soft tissue as evidenced by the PET Scan.

It also showed bone mets in my skull but as no previous scan exists we do not know if these are new or not.

On the plus side I have no head or brain issues aside from a slight fog which I put down to treatment.

On the Lutetium front it turns out that you cannot have it within 4 weeks of radiotherapy so that gives us a bit of a timeline.

I should be referred tomorrow and will hopefully get to see a specialist next week with a view to getting the first treatment as soon possible after the 4 weeks is up.

I am very keen to get this treatment started with the hope it will slow things down or even improve my condition.

My PSA is currently 449 which is high but no longer sure how relevant this really is. I guess it is just another indicator to be used alongside

In the meantime I am going to stay on Dexamethasone but a smaller dose and also the morphine slow release tablet but with a view to only taking it at night and using the Oramorph as a pain relief backup if needed.

So bad news and good news.

And I am not sure how I feel.

I am naturally optimistic and want to keep happy and make the most of life but it can be tough.

2 thoughts on “Roasting Hot Today”

  1. Awww Phillip it is tough and you are doing brilliantly at staying positive and keeping on top of it all. I know it’s hard work though, so be kind to yourself and understand that it’s okay to feel crap sometimes.
    I am sending you big hugs and keeping everything crossed that the new treatment will knock everything back.
    Loads of love Jx

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