By way of a change I had a physio appointment today, it had been referred by the physio at UCLH.

The appointment was at the local Herts & Essex hospital which was handy as it was local.

I met with a very nice physio called Kim who started with some Q & A to assess my condition as not much info had come through with the referral.

She then gave me an examination.

She also measured me up for a walking stick and decided that I needed a longer one.

She then showed me how best to walk with both a single stick and two sticks.

This will test my coordination!

She also gave me some exercises to do.

The upshot is that I should use the stick for longer walks and over rougher ground but should also be looking to not use it all the time.

So I think the trick is about balance and not over doing it and returning to full strength.

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