I have taken Dexamethasone previously when I first had chemotherapy back in 2017, it was there to support the Docetaxel although I never really paid much attention to it.

And I have had Prednisolone as well recently.

The Dexamethasone is a much stronger Steroid than the Prednisolone and I am certainly feeling the effects of it.

It does give you a lift in terms of energy and general wellbeing and I am sure it is also doing other things that I am not aware of.

It certainly seems to have helped with some of the pain and mobility issues I was having with my legs but is hard to judge how much given that I had radiotherapy as well.

It is a cancer treatment so I really hope it is doing some good on that front.

The main negative side effect for me is that I have been waking very early in the morning, around 5am, and feeling wide awake.

I haven’t been tired during the day but it just doesn’t seem like enough sleep and rest to help me recover from recent events.

The question is will I be staying on Dexamethasone for the foreseeable future?

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