Radiotherapy Number 5

We were lucky getting on the train today, it was just pulling in as we got there.

A little too close for comfort!

Hopefully it is just plain sailing from here on in.

I am glad it is the last treatment today, it has felt like a long week with all my time thinking about when the next appointment is.

And what would you expect for a Friday, one of the machines was being serviced and there was a 45 minute delay.

So we sat and waited.

The treatment was as quick as usual with both sites being zapped. It takes longer to get you into position than it does to do the treatment but I guess this is key to getting the radiation to the right place.

On the screens there are loads of numbers all to do with position, mind boggling for me but I am sure it is all meaningful to the radiographers.

Anyway, last treatment done and Barbara and I are heading away for the weekend.

Looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend.

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