Radiotherapy Number 1

Back to UCLH today for the first of five Radiotherapy Treatments. Not my first Radiotherapy and in fact it’s my third set having been treated before at the North Middlesex Hospital and UCLH.

My appointment time is 5pm so a bit late in the day for my liking but the train is fairly empty which is good.

The annoying thing is I got a phone call from the radiotherapy department asking me if I would be there for 4.30pm! They have no concept that people need to travel in and we aim for the appointment times given.

Previously I have tolerated Radiotherapy pretty well so I am hoping it will be the same again.

The main difference this time is they are targeting two sites on my spine so I guess that means a double dose?

We arrived promptly at 5pm and was soon called forward to wait in another area.

We were given a quick briefing and a chance to ask questions.

I asked about the double dose and the radiographer said it was not a double but two single doses.

I guess there is a difference but not that I can understand 🤔.

Soon I was called into the room with the machine!

Nice lighting with The XX playing in the background, very relaxing.

Because I was having two sites treated I would go through the process of positioning, X Ray and treatment twice.

It was fairly quick and easy and you don’t feel nothing during treatment.

Did it really happen?

Then it was time to get dressed and I was given my schedule for the week.

1 down 4 to go👍.

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