Radiotherapy Number 1 – update

Well the treatment went well but the drive home was another matter!

We decided to get an Uber home and it was actually a very nice car.

We wiggled through the streets northbound away from the hospital.

We had just reached the North Circular Road when I started to feel sick. Not a rumbling but a feeling in my stomach.

I hoped it would pass.

As we neared the M11 I asked Barbara if she had a carrier bag in her bag, she gave me a strange look until I explained.

She then produced a poo bag from her pocket, at least I had a bag if the worst happened.

We drove up the M11 and I was feeling worse.

As we passed the Harlow turnoff I asked the driver to pull onto the Hard Shoulder.

He had barely stopped and I was out of the car retching over the crash barrier!

I threw up a couple of times, just a clear fluid, not a carrot in sight!

What were people thinking as they sped past?

I regained my composure and got back into the car.

Not far to home and thats where I wanted to be.

I managed to make it home without a repeat incident.

I have since eaten and while I feel pretty rough and tired I don’t think I will be sick again🤞.

Did I receive a big dose of radiation today, I don’t know but it’s never effected me like this before, I shall discuss it tomorrow with the Radiographer.

For now it’s bed for me, I feel done in.


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