Another Bone Scan

I have lost count of how many Bone Scans I have had over the last 2 and a half years, I think this is number 12!

Just arrived at Nuclear Medicine and sitting waiting for the injection before my 3 hour wait for the scan.

Today is made a bit more complicated as I am due a CT Scan after the Bone Scan, and so it could be a long day.

Although I should get used to it as I am back here on Tuesday for a PSMA PET Scan, which will be a first for me and is part of the Vision Trial.

Well I was called in on time today and soon had a cannula fitted and the radioactive injection was done.

I asked if they could leave the cannula in as I had a CT scan and they were happy with that. They also had a quick look at the scan roster and suggested I try and get the CT scan done now.

So I popped down to the 2nd floor and they said I could have the scan now, result 😁.

So I quickly got changed into a rather fetching gown!

The big bandage on my arm was to protect the cannula.

I was soon lying on the scanner bed and the radiographer started to prep the cannula for connection to the Contrast Fluid.

I felt a warm trickle down my arm, it was blood!

One of the valves in the cannula was in the wrong position and blood was coming out. I called the radiographer and she quickly closed the valve and cleaned my arm.

And relax!

In no time the scan was done and I was getting off the scanner bed. I asked if they would take the cannula out and they said no so they wrapped it once more.

As I started to get dressed again I felt that warm trickle once more and saw blood running down my arm.

I got the radiographers attention and they adjusted the cannula once more and redressed it.

Then I finished getting dressed and headed straight back to Nuclear Medicine and asked them to take the cannula out, which they quickly did.

After all I didn’t want to be eating lunch with blood trickling down my arm!

So now I have three hours to wait, what to get for lunch?

So the hours passed and I was back at Nuclear Medicine for my 3pm scan. I didn’t wait long and I was asked to empty my bladder and take a seat outside the room which held the scanner.

While I was waiting one of the staff went to a machine on the wall which looked like a hand dryer with a display screen on it and held her hands underneath it.

She started to look concerned and tried again.

The nurse who was with me said that it wouldn’t work as I was radioactive, pointing at me.

I was about 4 feet from the machine and it would seem that I was producing enough radiation to effect the machine which is some sort of device for measuring radiation on staff hands.

Something like a Geiger Counter.

I was now intrigued but got called in for my bone scan which took about 20 minutes and the results should be with my oncologist for my Outpatients Appointment on Wednesday.

And then I was free to go.

But with my curiousity peaked I went to the Geiger Counter and stood in front of it.

The reading rose to those in the image.

I then put my hands under the device and got the following results.

cps is Counts Per Second and is a way of measuring ionizing radiation.

While I had had only a small amount of radiation it was clearly higher than the norm but what surprised me is how far it radiated out from me, I expected it to be very localised.

The radiation in me will decay fairly quickly but I do wonder what the cumulative effect is given that I have now had about 12 bone scans and am having a PET Scan on Tuesday?

This will hopefully be followed up by 6 radioactive treatments as part of the Vision Trial.

I will have to try and wander past this Geiger Counter in future weeks and see how it reacts!

But the big questions is…….

Do I glow in the darkπŸ˜‰

5 thoughts on “Another Bone Scan”

  1. Hi Phillip,

    You are certainly going through the wringer! Nice to see you still have a sense of humour though. I am surprised you having moved to London!

    Anyway, I hope you are not feeling too bad after your days ordeal.

    Wishing you all the best.

    Kind regards, Peter Sampson Sent from my iPhone


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ha, ha glad to see you still have your sense of humour Phillip!
    I had several radioactive scans and they told me not to go near my small daughter for the rest of the day!! Doesn’t seem to have done me too much harm (yet) though πŸ™‚
    Take care and hope the new trial works out for you xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Justine, I think you need a sense of humour!!!
      Yes I don’t think it has done me any harm either and being a gadget fan I was intrigue by the Geiger Counter πŸ˜‰
      Hope you are well x


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