No Meds

For a long time now, it feels like I have been either on medication or taking medication of one sort or another, be that chemotherapy or steroids, I feel I have been on something for a long time.

So, it now feels a little strange not to be taking anything at the moment.

Well that’s not strictly true as I am popping pain killers to ease the pain in my legs and upper body, but it is not actual cancer treatment.

I do wonder if this pain is due to the withdrawal from Prednisolone, it has been a little debilitating but feels like it might be getting better so a little bit of help there.

I am counting down the days until the next treatment starts although I don’t have an actual start date, I do have a date for a bone scan and so it shouldn’t be long after that.

Fingers crossed

2 thoughts on “No Meds”

  1. Phillip, I appreciate you writing your blog. I am not far behind you on medication regime. I wish you the best and always looking forward to your next post.

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    1. Hi Steve, many thanks for your comment, hope all is going well, or as well as it can with you.
      Are you in the UK, which hospital do you go to?
      I will hopefully be writing quite a bit over the coming weeks as I start on the Vision Trial at UCLH.
      All the best.


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