Oncology Outpatients

Back at UCLH this morning for an Outpatients appointment. I am hoping to sign the Consent Form for the Vision Trial and for another trial using Niraparib.

I have read through both Patient Information Sheets and am happy to sign the consent forms.

So waited about 20 minutes for my appointment and was seen by a Spanish Doctor with a very long name who we will call Blanca.

She went through the information sheets for both the Vision Trial and the other trial which we now know is called Galahad.We were also seen by Professor Attard as he had to sign off on the Vision Trial.

The Vision Trial is the one I am most interested in as I feel it may offer the best results. The Galahad trial is a bit of a long shot as I was checked for this as part of the Neptunes Trial last year and I didn’t meet the requirements for the trial then, last time they used a tissue sample from a biopsy to check and this time they are checking the plasma. They say there is a slight chance I might qualify this way but its a long shot!

I need to get my head around the Galahad Trial, it’s all to do with PARP Inhibitors (which sounds like something from Star Wars!) so please excuse me being a little vague about it.

As I am back in trial mode the appointment was followed by blood tests, urine sample, blood pressure, height and weight etc.

I also need to go for an ECG which is normally quick and easy.

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