Back again

Seems like it was only yesterday since I was here, well it was, I was here for a blood test.

So now waiting with slight apprehension as to what that blood test may reveal.

Two weeks ago my PSA was 481 up from 398 three weeks before that.

I am also awaiting the results of the CT Scan I had on the 12th. What would that reveal?

And I am hoping that I will to hear about the vision trial and whether I can get on it and what future treatment may look like.

So an important appointment today.

We have a slightly later appointment today, 10am although it is nearly 1030 already!

And then it was 11am before we finally saw a doctor, today we saw Professor Gert Attard.

He started by talking about the Vision Trial (I will talk more about the trial in a later post), and gave me the information sheet and consent form to take away and read, which is great news, he said I should come back in two weeks, complete the consent form and then I would have a PSMA PET done to confirm I was eligible for the trial.

All I have to do know is to keep my fingers crossed that I get onto the active arm of the trial and not the control group.

He also talked about another trial and getting consent done for that so I can be tested for it, the trial name escapes me at this time but is a study looking at PARP Inhibitors which is linked to an abnormality in cancer cells. I need to understand this trial more and will try and write a little more about it as I understand it.

So overall that is all good news.

My PSA has also stayed fairly steady and is now at 498 up from 481 two weeks ago, so a minor increase and hopefully an indication that the big rise in PSA is steadying out.

Fingers crossed.

He also talked about the CT Scan that I had on the 12th and said that the tumours on my lymph nodes around my pelvis was about 30% larger, which is a bit worrying! Hopefully with a new trial on the horizon I will have plenty of scans and they will keep an eye on these tumours.

I do wonder if the Cabazitaxel Chemotherapy or the Prednisolone steroid I was on did something that triggered the rise in my PSA, however I suspect we will never know, I just hope it stays steady now.

We had a brief chat about the pain I suffered last week and how I managed it and I told him that I had taken some cannabis oil which seemed to stop the pain straight away. Initially I think he was surprised and then interested in my response to it.

I do think more research needs to be done around cannabis oil and it’s benefits in pain relief/management but it won’t be funded by ‘big pharma’ that is for sure.

So for me it’s back in 2 weeks to complete the Vision Trail paperwork and have blood tests done and then the PSMA PET should follow quickly after that and then it should be all go for the first cycle of treatment although I cannot seeing that being for a month or so, maybe longer.

Overall I feel more optimistic than I have over the last few weeks and really hope that I get onto the active arm of the trial.

Please keep your fingers crossed for me.

One thought on “Back again”

  1. So pleased you are feeling more positive Phillip and looks like you have some more options. I am also interested in the pain-relieving qualities of cannabis derivatives & cannabis oil as I have terrible side effects from opioids so wouldn’t mind hearing more about this at some stage!!

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