Blood Test 7 May

Not just going to London for a blood test but also to meet someone I have met on Facebook, a fellow person with Prostate Cancer.

I nearly used the description a fellow Prostate Cancer Sufferer but felt it had such negative meaning as we must try and be positive.

Anyway I picked the wrong day for a blood test, the day after a bank holiday!

I arrived and checked in and discovered there were 45 people in front of me because the blood department had been closed for the bank holiday.  It was slightly manic but what amazed me was that there were people complaining about having to wait so long!

I felt like saying something to them after all we were all in the same boat.

The actual blood test went fine but it meant I was late for my meeting.

Fortunately Alex was a patient man and waited for me.

It was really good to meet him, we spent nearly 2 hours chatting through our different cases and treatments in ways that only we could do as we are in very similar situation in regard to diagnosis etc.

I felt that the meeting also showed one of the good things about Facebook, we would never have met without it.

Soon it was time to head home before coming back tomorrow for my Outpatients Appointment and Chemo 5.

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